The Medical Council of Canada
Therapeutics Decision Making Exam

The Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM) exam assesses whether the therapeutic knowledge and skills of an internationally-trained physician is at a level required of a family physician practising independently and safely in Canada.

LOLS10在线直播下注The TDM exam is a pan-Canadian initiative aimed at standardizing the selection process into Practice Ready Assessment (PRA) programs, and will become an eligibility requirement in Alberta on March 1, 2018 for candidates interested in practising Family Medicine.

Candidates must first meet the eligibility requirements below before applying to sit the TDM exam.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT eligible to apply for the TDM exam if you:

  • hold a valid letter of eligibility OR
  • have an open file with the CPSA

New date scheduled for postponed TDM exam

Medical Council of Canada (MCC) has set October 21, 2020 as the new date for the postponed June 3, 2020 TDM exam.

LOLS10在线直播下注This and future TDM exams will be offered online at Prometric test centres across Canada.

LOLS10在线直播下注In addition to ensuring security and quality control, Prometric test centres adhere to guidelines set by local health authorities. The October 21, 2020 session will have physical distancing and personal protective measures in place to help keep candidates safe.

For more information about the TDM Examination, please visit the MCC’s  webpage.

Next Exam Dates:

  • October 21, 2020 - Application Full
  • January 13, 2021 (applications will be available in October 2020)
  • June 2, 2021

LOLS10在线直播下注Due to a limited number of spots, we approve all applications on a first come, first served basis.

Eligibility Requirements:

Before applying, you must have the following basic requirements:
  • Medical Degree

    LOLS10在线直播下注Your medical degree must be from a school listed in the

  • English Language Proficiency

    LOLS10在线直播下注You must take if your medical education and patient care experience was not obtained in a country where English is the first and native language (regardless of whether English was the language of instruction)

  • Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE Part I)

    This exam is required if are an International Medical Graduate or Osteopath. The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part I (MCCQE Part I) has replaced the Medical Council Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE), as per the Medical Council of Canada. .

    We will not accept the MCCEE for any future TDM examinations (January 2020 – ongoing).

  • Postgraduate Training Requirements

    Postgraduate training requirements (see note 2 & 3 below) for Family/General Practice as identified.


  1. Approval to take the TDM examination DOES NOT determine eligibility for independent licensure in Alberta. If you wish to practice Family Medicine independently, you must meet all registration requirements at the time you apply for independent licensure. Obtaining the TDM DOES NOT guarantee your qualifications & training will be accepted.

  2. Fellowship training, community service, public service, national service, Medical Officer posts and practice experience DO NOTLOLS10在线直播下注 satisfy the postgraduate training requirements.

  3. If your postgraduate training was completed in the LOLS10在线直播下注A, UK, Ireland, or Australia, you are encouraged to apply to the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) for certification without examination via the alternate pathway to Family Medicine certification before applying for the TDM examination. You may be exempt from writing the TDM if you receive an Official Statement Letter from the CFPC finding you eligible for certification. If you obtain this letter and meet all other registration requirements, please complete the Review of Qualifications Form through physiciansapply and email a copy of that letter to

Information & Resources

LOLS10在线直播下注We strongly recommend reviewing to help you better prepare for your exam.

You can also learn more about the TDM exam, withdrawal policies, what to expect on the day of your exam, scoring and results, and test accommodations by visiting.


The cost of the TDM Exam is $1,445 (plus tax). Payment is required to save your seat for the exam and is due once the CPSA approves your exam application. The fee is non-refundable once you have written the exam.

The score recheck fee for the TDM Exam is $240 (LOLS10在线直播下注plus tax). For more information on the TDM score recheck process, please .

Next Steps:

After passing the TDM exam, the following must take place to complete your CPSA registration.