LOLS10在线直播下注We investigate and resolve physician-related complaints.

Accountable for good medical practice

LOLS10在线直播下注We favour an educational or training approach, but apply discipline if necessary.

Do you have a concern? Tell us.

LOLS10在线直播下注Physicians’ professional judgment is constantly being tested. In the vast majority of cases, they make the right call. But physicians are human, and mistakes happen. When patient care is impacted, we want to know. Our approach is education-focused: we aim to help physicians learn from mistakes and grow good practice.

We are here to help

At any time during the complaints process, you can contact a Patient Advocate. Patient advocates will help you understand our complaints process and how it applies to your situation.

Additional Resources


Complaints Line: 1-800-661-4689 (in Canada)*

*Email cannot be used to file a complaint. Please see .