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Promoting Quality & Safety Standards

The College ensures the safety and quality of Alberta medical facilities and services. We develop and maintain accreditation standards, assess facilities, register radiation equipment, monitor performance and provide approval for physicians to perform a variety of services. Learn more by reading about our different accreditation programs below.


Facility Accreditation

Read CPSA's messageLOLS10在线直播下注 to our accredited facilities about postponing all elective and non-urgent visits and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The College ensures patient care and safety by setting standards for services, personnel and equipment in the following facilities:

We select facility assessors based on strict professional criteria and the highest standards of professional integrity. Read our Conflict of Interest Policy for more information.

Other Accreditation Programs

Laser Equipment: The College ensures the safe delivery of radiation health services in Alberta by ensuring all radiation equipment has been verified and meets legislative requirements.

X-ray Equipment: The College ensures Class 3b and 4 laser equipment in Alberta has been appropriately tested and meets legislative compliance.

ECG Examination: With the exception of cardiologists and pediatric cardiologists, physicians who wish to bill the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan for ECG interpretation must successfully challenge the College examination.

Physician Approvals

Some accreditation services and procedures require additional approvals before a physician is authorized to perform them. For a full list of Physician Approvals, visit the Physician Approvals page. 


Liz McBride, Director of Accreditation